Fair Street Recycling

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Chico’s Only Non-Profit, Full Service Recycling Center

2300 Fair Street
Chico, CA 95928
Phone: (530) 343-8641
Hours: Mon–Sat, 8:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m.  



Location in Oroville

1245 Oro Dam Blvd
Oroville, CA 95965
Phone: (530) 533-5311
Hours: Tues–Sat, 8:30 a.m–3:30 p.m.



 Your aluminum cans can make a difference!


In partnership with eRecology we accept eWaste at all of our sites:

Work Training Center has been involved in the area with recycling since 1979.  Fair Street Recycling is one of the largest nonprofit buy-back centers in northern California, employing adults with developmental disabilities in helping the environment and reducing its waste. Last year we processed approximately 290 tons of aluminum, 820 tons of glass, 190 tons of plastic and 360 tons of newspaper, cardboard, office paper and magazines for a total of 1,660 tons of recycling.

What You Should Know Before Recycling: 

Aluminum Cans 

Aluminum cans must bear the CA Redemption Value mark to receive the highest price.* All other aluminum cans are worth only scrap value. A good rule of thumb is: Did it contain a carbonated beverage? If so, it’s probably a Redemption Value container. We also accept Bi-Metal (w/CRV), tin and steel cans for recycling.

Glass Bottles & Jars 

Glass bottles must bear the CA Redemption Value mark to receive the highest price.* All glass must be sorted into clear, green, and brown groups. Separating out Redemption Value within each color is up to you. Mixed colors cannot be accepted by the recycling center. We accept other glass jars and bottles (non-CRV) for recycling. And please, remove lids before coming to recycle.

Plastic Bottles 

Plastic Bottles must bear the CA Redemption Value mark to receive a Redemption Value price.* CRV plastics include PET#1 (such as water bottles, soda bottles and some juice bottles), HDPE#2 (mostly large cream colored gallon water jugs) and #3 thru #7 that have CRV value. Wine bottles, liquor bottle and milk jugs do not have CRV value but we do recycle them.

FARMERS AND RANCHERS! Call us about our AG Plastic Recycle program!

* you can also redeem comingled cans, bottles, plastic (scrap and redemption container mix) at a lower rate.

We also accept newspaper, cardboard, magazines and office paper for recycling as a donation to the Work Training Center. 


Sorting before you come to the recycling center is the key to a higher return on your recycling, and faster, too!



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