Our exclusive services include:

Independent Living Skills (ILS)

Through our Independent Living Skills program, Do-It Leisure Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) assist clients in increasing their life skills. An assessment is completed to assist individuals in establishing, maintaining, and developing life skills to reach their fullest potential with a positive lifestyle.

The focus of ILS is to: 

  • Personal residence skills

  • Nutrition and cooking

  • Money management,

  • Emergency preparedness, comparative shopping

  • Health and safety

  • Personal hygiene

  • Points of self emotional functioning, communication, and parenting.

Opportunities, Partnerships, Transitions

OPT represents a variety of supports and services that will connect individuals to a thriving network of people and places where they can belong in their community. A more inclusive community!

The focus of OPT is to:

  • Focus on 1 on 1 connections, employment/volunteer connections and soft skills.

  • Connect people to create relationships & uncover a person’s talents & passions, allowing them to thrive in their community.

  • Decrease social isolation and the myriad of problems that go along with it.

Services Provided:

  • Community Resource Awareness

  • Self-Advocacy

  • Career Exploration Microenterprise

  • Community Integration

  • Community Connections

  • Volunteerism